or Bonus4me- The better Idea is?

Of course, we do not want to give reasons for our opinion. is for us a kind of -old wine in new hoses-, the idea of Repay existed in similar form as early as 2005. At that time but with little success, presumably also because the makers did not have the money back then then bring the idea to success. Even then, the Internet affinity of consumers may not have been as great as it is today. In any case, the fact that the company then ceased its business operations and was deleted from the commercial register for lack of funds.

Now you want to resell the consumer an old idea, of course, adapted to the present time of the Internet and the buying behavior of the consumer. Why not, if the consumer can benefit from it, wonderful! That is what it is about, the consumer needs an advantage, otherwise it does not interest him. But that is exactly where the company competes with other providers who also offer the customer advantages.

One such company is the company Bonus4me. Contrary to the concept of the company, the consumer has an immediate advantage here when shopping through the platform.

It says on the platform: bonus4me is your world full of advantages. Be it exclusive offers, exciting experiences or attractive competitions – with bonus4me you have united all this on one platform. In addition, you can log in with just one login on all pages of the ProSiebenSat.1 universe. So sign up now and discover your bonus4me advantage world. Quote end

At, on the other hand, they first have to earn points, like earlier discount stamps or today, for example, payback points. They will be credited to you if you then make their purchases via the Internet platform At some point, if you have accumulated enough points, you can of course have a product -completely free- by your points. is a kind of -marathon- to have an advantage. Bonus4me is a sprint over 100m and you have an advantage. However, since the direct price is crucial today in winning a consumer as a customer, we come to the conclusion that the concept of Bonus4me is the more customer-friendly concept and will be more successful with the customer. Whether we are right in our assessment will show the time and the consumer will decide.


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